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Short recap (09.08.2007 - 05:14)

Well I got around to making my own template, even though I didn't put much effort into it and it's a bit shitty. I suppose a recap on the past 3 years is in order.

Well... where to start? Last time I was on here I was going out with Becca, which lasted for around 10 months. I was drinking excessively amongst other things. I had a job at a secondary school too, which I was drunk at a lot. Anyways, then I moved back to Millom for a while, and lived in a garage.

Then back to Barrow to a flat, met and ended up going out with Kylie, who fell pregnant 2 weeks after I met her. Children was the last thing I wanted, and I ended up being an utter bastard, cheating on her several times. Then I moved to Scotland for a while, got back with Kylie, moved back to Barrow, into a hostel. Long story short went out with Kylie for about 2 years, we're broken up now. Neither of us has my daughter due to her twat parents.

I'm currently near enough confined to my house as I've been getting panic attacks and don't get out much any more. All in all things have turned out wonderfully :/

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